Birth Registration

Out of Hospital Births - Appointment Required

By law, you must register the birth of your child within 21 days of the birth, per Health and Safety Code Section 102400. “Each live birth shall be registered with the local registrar of births and deaths for the district in which the birth occurred within 21 days following the date of the event.” 

  • For out of hospital births attended by a physician or midwife, per California State law it is the responsibility of the attending physician or midwife to register the birth with the county in a timely manner. Your midwife will assist you in completing the Birth Worksheet Home Birth Packet (PDF) or submitting the Online Out-Of-Hospital Birth Worksheet. Parents are required to schedule an appointment with the Placer County Vital Statistics office to complete registration.
  • For births without a licensed attendant, download the Home Birth Letter (PDF) and the Home Birth Packet (PDF). To schedule the required appointment, or if you have questions, please contact the Vital Statistics Office. 
    • You can also complete and submit the Online Out-Of-Hospital Birth Worksheet and upload additional documentation as outlined in the letter. Please note that the originals of the uploaded documents have to be presented during your appointment.
  • For unmarried parents, a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity form must be signed.

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Certified copies of birth records may be obtained at the Clerk Recorders Office. Please allow three weeks after the birth of your child before submitting your request.