CalFresh Healthy Living (CFHL)

Our program's goal is to implement policy, systems and environmental change projects along with nutrition and physical activity education interventions for eligible populations by:

  • Increasing consumption and access to healthy dietary choices where people live, learn, work, or play
  • Reducing consumption and/or appeal of unhealthy dietary choices
  • Increase access to and/or appeal of physical activity opportunities
  • Educating the Placer County SNAP-Ed population on healthy choices

Services Provided

  • Nutrition and Physical Activity Education: A variety of nutrition and physical activity lessons and workshops are available to eligible schools, community groups, and organizations. A few examples include nutrition lessons, CATCH physical activity, cooking, Harvest of the Month (HOTM), and HOTM Kits for teachers.
  • Policy Systems and Environmental Change Projects (PSE): PSE projects focus on improving the health of Placer County residents where they live, learn, work, or play. A few examples of PSE projects included school wellness policies, active transportation, and murals that promote healthy habits.

Placer Food Security Coalition

  • The Placer Food Security Coalition includes public, private, and non-profit organizations collaborating to create a healthier community and improve food security among Placer County residents. View the Placer Food Security Coalition one-pager for additional information. Coalition Flyer

Featured Activity

Students at a local elementary school participated in a paint-by-numbers physical activity mural for their school! Children lined up to contribute their portion of a colorful image of children running and playing sports with the Champions for Change statewide campaign slogan "Play Better" in the middle. While the children waited their turn to paint, they participated in a variety of physical activity games.

Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention Program outreach activities 2017