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Oral Health Program LogoTooth decay is the most prevalent chronic health problem among children in California. The Center for Disease Control reports that more than forty percent of children have decay before entering kindergarten. Due to these alarming statistics, First 5 Placer is funding the efforts of Placer County’s Public Health division to address this largely preventable health issue.  The Placer County Oral Health Program focuses on promoting preventive dental care knowledge and access to early preventive dental services with the aim of boosting the number of Placer County’s residents who remain cavity-free.

Oral Health and Halloween.

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During Halloween and other holidays, children are more likely to be exposed to candies and sweet treats that lead to tooth decay and other oral health consequences. Therefore, it’s important to eat sweets in moderation and to establish a plan. Below are a few tips and tricks to keep your teeth looking fang tastic this holiday season:

•     Watch out for sticky treats. Sticky candy, such as tootsie rolls and gummy bears, are more likely to cling to your teeth, making it difficult to remove.

•     Drink plenty of water. Drinking water in-between eating sweets is one of the easiest ways to prevent tooth decay and to stay hydrated.  

•     Brush and floss your fangs. Make sure to brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste - especially after eating Halloween candy. Remember to floss at least once a day to remove any leftover food particles and plaque below your gum line.

Don't forget that November 1st is National Brush Day! Encourage children to brush their fangs for two minutes, two times a day, and every day, to keep their teeth and smiles looking healthy and bright. Visit Smile, California and MouthHealthy for additional dental health resources.


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Lo que usted debe saber acerca de su regreso al dentista durante COVID-19

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Medi-Cal Dental Coverage/Cobertura de Medi-Cal Dental

As a Medi-Cal member, your benefits and your child’s benefits include dental coverage. Learn more about your coverage.

Como miembro de Medi-Cal, sus beneficios y los beneficios de su niño incluyen cobertura dental. Haga clic aquí para mas información.

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Oral Health Alliance

The Placer County Oral Health Alliance is a county-wide collaborative created by the Oral Health Program which concentrates a community focus on oral health problems and works to ensure that all Placer County residents have access to and utilize appropriate dental prevention services. By bringing together healthcare providers, community-based organizations, community members and public health agencies, it serves to eliminate any unnecessary duplication of effort and therefore bring about more effective and efficient delivery of oral health services to children in Placer County.

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