Oral Health Program

Oral Health Program LogoTooth decay is the most prevalent chronic health problem among children in California. The Center for Disease Control reports that more than forty percent of residents have decay before entering kindergarten. Due to these alarming statistics, First 5 Placer is funding the efforts of Placer County’s Public Health division to address this largely preventable health issue.

The Placer County Oral Health Program focuses on promoting preventive dental care knowledge and access to early preventive dental services with the aim of boosting the number of Placer County’s residents who remain cavity-free. Watch a video to learn more about the program.

Dental Days

Through a partnership with Placer County WIC and the use of its sites, preventive dental health information and services are made more accessible to families with limited resources. Each month on certain days designated as Dental Day, family members of WIC participants (and CalFresh customers and their families if a pregnant woman or a child 0 to 5 years old is a family member) receive education about effective oral hygiene behaviors, dental insurance coverage and dental providers.

In addition, a dental professional provides families participating in WIC with oral health screenings, fluoride varnish applications, dental supplies, and referrals to a dental home for follow-up care. All services are free to participants. Find schedules and resources in the column to the right.

Oral Health Alliance

The Placer County Oral Health Alliance is a county-wide collaborative created by the Oral Health Program which concentrates a community focus on oral health problems and works to ensure that all Placer County residents have access to and utilize appropriate dental prevention services. By bringing together healthcare providers, community-based organizations, community members and public health agencies, it serves to eliminate any unnecessary duplication of effort and therefore bring about more effective and efficient delivery of oral health services to children in Placer County.

Click here to view the 2018-2022 Placer County Oral Health Plan.

Click Here for information about Community Water Fluoridation

Medi-Cal Coverage

If you have Medi-Cal, you have dental coverage. Learn more about your coverage.

Oral Health Program Videos