Location Manager Nominees Announced

We would like to announce the nominees for the 2nd Annual LMGA Awards.

Outstanding Locations in a Contemporary Film

  • Chef (Kei Rowan-Young)
  • The Gambler (Chris Baugh)
  • Gone Girl (Rick Schuler and Steve Mapel)
  • Nightcrawler (Curtis Collins and Mike Brewer)
  • Wild (Nancy Haecker)

Outstanding Locations in a Period Film

  • Fury (Russell Lodge and Lee Robertson)
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel (Klaus Darrelmann)
  • The Imitation Game (David Broder and Richard George)
  • Inherent Vice (Larry Ring and Scott Fitzgerald)
  • Selma (Wes Hagen and Leif Tilden)

Outstanding Locations in a Contemporary Television Series

  • Homeland (Robert Bentley and Deon Du Preez)
  • Nashville (Kristi Frankenheimer and Mark Ragland)
  • NCIS: Los Angeles (Tony Salome and Jason Savage)
  • Ray Donovan (Craig Van Gundy and Boyd Wilson)
  • True Detective (Batou Chandler)

Outstanding Locations in a Period Television Series

  • American Horror Story (John Johnston)
  • Boardwalk Empire (Amanda Burbank and Audra Gorman)
  • Forever (Guy Efrat)
  • Turn (Tom Trigo and Becky Beckstoffer)

Outstanding Locations in a Single Commercial

  • Budweiser “Always There” (Jj Levine and Byll Williams)
  • Coca Cola “America Is Beautiful” (Jimmy Ayoub, Cyndy McCrossen, Peter Orth, Stephen Pherigo)
  • Honda Civic “Today Is Pretty Great” (Jof Hanwright and Jesse Rivard)
  • Nissan Altima “Migration” (Crofton Diack and Mike Floyd)
  • Nissan Qashqai “Fly by Night” (Gil Evans, Marie-Paule Goislard, Beth Tate)

Outstanding Locations in a Commercial Campaign

  • Ram Trucks (David McKinney and Peter Orth)
  • Subaru Outback (Alissa Desler and Lori Allen)

Outstanding Film Commission

  • Chicago Film Office
  • City of Long Beach Office of Special Events and Filming
  • Film in Iceland
  • Oregon Governor’s Office of Film and Television
  • Royal Film Commission of Jordan