Youth Related Tobacco Topics

The Placer County Tobacco Prevention Program aims to decrease the use of tobacco among youth and young adults by incorporating youth in tobacco control and providing education about tobacco products to youth, parents/guardians, and teachers. There is still quite a bit of misinformation about vaping products, and the Tobacco Prevention Program hopes to teach youth and young adults that vaping is not a safer alternative to traditional combustible cigarettes.

Why Does this Matter?

The latest research found that e-cigarette/vape users are 3 times more likely to use traditional combustible cigarettes within one year, which is especially alarming considering 36% of high school students in Placer County have ever used a vaping device and 14% of high school admit to currently using vaping devices.

Note: This survey (California Healthy Kids Survey 2014 to 2016) was completed before the introduction of JUUL on the vaping market, which has become so popular with young adults that 1 in 5 youth in the United States report seeing a JUUL used in school.

What’s Currently Happening in Placer?

In 2016, the state of California increased the sale age of tobacco to 21-years-old (with the exception of enlisted military). However, a survey of 27 Northern California counties (including Placer County) found that almost 23% of high school students use tobacco products. This is significantly higher than the statewide rate of 14% of youth who use tobacco products.

The Placer County Tobacco Prevention Program provides presentations to parents and teachers, and includes youth in applicable tobacco-control activities (such as tobacco litter clean-ups). If you would like to receive our monthly youth-related tobacco newsletter or have your organization to receive a presentation on e-cigarettes and other tobacco products used by youth, email the program or call us 530-889-7161.