Immunization program

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Immunizations have reduced and, in some cases, even eliminated the infectious diseases that once caused many illnesses and deaths; However, many of the viruses and bacteria that cause these infections continue to circulate. It is important for infants, children and adults to remain protected by staying up to date on immunizations. Placer County’s Immunization Program offers information and services to assist residents in staying up to date on the immunizations that protect against vaccine-preventable diseases.

Overview of Services

  • Provide information on immunization and immunization services available throughout Placer County. 
  • Assist those without insurance and/or a medical home in obtaining vaccinations.
  • Provide back-to-school immunizations to eligible children. For more information, please see the Shots for Students (VFC) Clinics page. 
  • Collaborate with community-based organizations (CBO), medical providers, schools, and day care providers on immunizations and pertinent immunization laws. 
  • Conduct annual flu vaccine clinics available to all Placer County residents. 
  • Provide state-supplied vaccines during vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks as directed by California Department of Public Health.