Solid Waste

Illegal Dumping

Our specialists investigate illegal dumping activities. If you know of a business or person dumping trash in a location that is not permissible, please submit a complaint to our department.

Placer County is now partnering with Clean-Tahoe to manage trash complaints in the Tahoe City and Kings Beach areas. To report a trash concern in Kings Beach or Tahoe City, please call (530)-544-4210 or email [email protected]. Additional information regarding Clean Tahoe services can be found here:

To submit a solid waste or nuisance complaint regarding a short-term rental property in the Tahoe region above 5,000 feet in elevation, please contact the Host Compliance Hotline at 530-448-8003. Short-term rental related complaints may also be submitted online at

Bear Bin Ordinance

Placer County Code requires installation of approved bear boxes on properties above 5,000 feet in elevation when permitting new residential construction or additions over 500 square feet to prevent animal access to garbage. A list of approved bear resistant enclosures and additional information can be found below. 

Solid Waste Enforcement

Solid Waste refers to the handling and disposal of non-hazardous wastes such as garbage, yard wastes, and construction and demolition debris. Solid Waste does not include human sewage. Our focus is permitting, inspection and enforcement of:

  • All other Solid Waste facilities
  • Composting operations
  • Construction/demolition debris and inert material operations
  • Landfills/disposal sites (active and closed)
  • Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs)
  • Transfer stations

Environmental Health is the certified Local Enforcement Agency (LEA) by the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle). In addition, Placer County is contracted by El Dorado County to conduct certain LEA activities on El Dorado County’s behalf. These activities include permitting, inspection and enforcement at solid waste operations and facilities, both active and closed. If you have a concern regarding illegal dumping or hazardous wastes in El Dorado County, please contact the El Dorado County Department of Environmental Management.

Waste Tire Disposal

California must manage more than 44.8 million waste tires generated annually. Waste tires are a favorable location in which pests reproduce and vermin make their homes. In addition, tire fires pose a threat to release dangerous toxic pollutants into the air, water, and soil.

Waste tires can be disposed of at various landfills and solid waste facilities or removed by a registered waste tire hauler. If you plan to transport the tires yourself, Environmental Health may be able to provide you with an "Exemption Letter" that will allow you to transport (10) or more tires without state-required manifests.

Placer County Environmental Health is the local Tire Enforcement Agency (TEA) responsible for performing initial and follow-up inspections for all waste tire generators. Please read our waste tire brochure (PDF) that describes the difference between waste tire facilities, waste tire generators, and waste tire haulers.

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