Sunset Area Plan & Placer Ranch Specific Plan

On October 31, 2019 Placer County released a Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) for the Sunset Area Plan/Placer Ranch Specific Plan. The FEIR can be found at this link.

In addition to the FEIR, Placer County has also released the Final Sunset Area Plan and Final Placer Specific Plan documents.

Sunset Area Plan

Area Plan

Area Plan (Redline Version)

Implementing Zoning Regulations (Redline Version)

Placer Ranch Specific Plan

Specific Plan

Development Standards

Design Guidelines

Development Agreement (Pending)

The Development Agreement will be released with the upcoming Planning Commission staff report

The Placer County Planning Commission will be conducting a public hearing on November 21, 2019 to receive input from the public on the FEIR and Final SAP/PRSP and to consider forwarding a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors. The Planning Commission agenda and meeting materials can be found here on or about November 14, 2019.

Following the Planning Commission public hearing, a Board of Supervisors public hearing will be conducted and is tentatively planned for December 10, 2019. The Board of Supervisors will receive input from the public on the FEIR and Final SAP/PRSP and will consider the Planning Commission’s recommendation. The Board of Supervisors agendas and meeting materials can found here.

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The Sunset Area Plan (SAP) is a County-initiated update to the County’s 1997 Sunset Industrial Area Plan. The SAP also incorporates the proposed Placer Ranch Specific Plan (PRSP).

The objective of the SAP update is to re-envision and re-brand the SAP to take advantage of opportunities to create a unique employment, entertainment, and education center that would provide regional benefit and create primary wage-earner jobs for residents of nearby cities and unincorporated areas. The overall vision for the SAP and PRSP includes the following features:

The Sunset Area encompasses 8,497 acres located in unincorporated south Placer County west of the Highway 65 corridor, situated between the Cities of Lincoln to the north, Rocklin to the east, and Roseville to the south. The proposed PRSP area constitutes 2,213 acres within the southern portion of the SAP area.


The proposed SAP is a Placer County-initiated update to its 1997 Sunset Industrial Area Plan.  The PRSP is included as part of the proposed SAP.  This effort would update the existing community plan, general plan, maps, and regulations. The Sunset Area, which includes the PRSP project site, encompasses 8,358 acres located in unincorporated south Placer County. The County has prepared a DEIR for the project to satisfy the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) (Public Resources Code [PRC] Section 21000 et seq.) and will serve as the lead agency for CEQA compliance.  The DEIR analyzes the overall SAP at a program level, and provide a more detailed project-level analysis for the PRSP.

The SAP will bring forward new land use designations, including:  General Commercial, Entertainment/Mixed Use; Business Park; Innovation Center; Eco-Industrial; Light Industrial; Public Facility; and Urban Reserve.  The 2,213-acre Placer Ranch Specific Plan (PRSP) is a mixed-use community proposed in the Sunset Area consisting of 5,636 residential units (units have been modified and reduced since release of the January 2018 Preliminary Public Review Draft PRSP) including a university, an age-restricted community; an elementary school, middle school, neighborhood parks and open space; and commercial and mixed uses, and campus park (office, research and development, light industrial, and commercial). The proposed university and non-residential land uses of the project are intended as a catalyst for employment-generating development in Placer County’s overall Sunset Area.


The Sunset Area, which includes the PRSO project site, encompasses 8,497 acres located in unincorporated southern Placer County. Southern Placer County is characterized by a mix of urban, suburban, and rural land uses and is influenced by the Sacramento metropolitan area. The Sunset Area covers 13.9 square miles between the cities of Rocklin to the east, Roseville to the south, Lincoln to the north, and unincorporated Placer County to the west. The area to the west is primarily farmland. Major landforms in the area include the Sierra Nevada to the east and Folsom Lake to the southeast. The Sunset Area is located west of State Route 65 which connects to Interstate 80 in the south and State Route 99 to the north. The Sunset Area is approximately 16 miles from downtown Sacramento.

The proposed PRSP area includes 2,213 acres in the southern portion of the Sunset Area. The southern boundary of the PRSP area is contiguous with the existing Roseville City limits, and the northern boundary is defined, in part, by the existing alignment of West Sunset Boulevard west of Fiddyment Road.

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