MDIC - Child Abuse Services


About the Multi-Disciplinary Interview Center

2022-03-15_11-20-06The Multi-Disciplinary Interview Center of Placer County was founded in 1993 through a joint program with the District Attorney's Office and Placer County Health and Human Services, partnering with law enforcement, child protective services, medical professionals, mental health and advocacy to establish a child-friendly forensic interview center for children who may have been abused or witnessed a crime.

The interview is conducted by a trained Child Forensic Interview Specialist (CFIS) and each team member observes the interview through a closed-circuit monitor and is able to participate remotely in the interview by communicating with interviewer. 

What is MDIC? 

2022-03-21_9-48-38MDIC (Multi-Disciplinary Interview Center) is a child-focused, friendly place where children of all ages talk with a Child Forensic Interview Specialist about child abuse allegations. MDIC was created to reduce the stress involved with investigations of abuse by limiting the number of interviews and interviewers a child experiences.

Why is MDIC so important?2022-03-15_13-46-33

Research has shown that multiple interviews by untrained interviewers can create additional problems for a child and can adversely affect outcomes. Our center is designed to protect children and families while streamlining the legal process and connecting children and families to resources. 

312335840_481674010667559_5354871549660715150_n>>Free Mandated Reporter Training<<

Our child advocacy center offers free Mandated Reporter Training for school professionals, parents/guardians and community partners. Learn more


Resources / Partners 

211 Connecting Point is a resource and information hub that connects people with community programs and services through a searchable web page and 24/7 local call center. We serve Nevada County, Placer County, and the Tahoe-Truckee region. Learn more

2022-03-15_13-55-56Lighthouse Counseling helps individuals and families heal by providing counseling, educational classes, and easy access to resources. Learn more

2022-03-15_13-56-31KidsFirst works closely with other community-based and faith-based organizations as well as county agencies to ensure effective service delivery to meet the needs of children, parents and families in the community. Learn more

Child Abuse Prevention Month168590976_1850846315088130_3833172635334089364_n

Every April, Placer County participates in Child Abuse Prevention Month through social media and community awareness campaigns. 

The month provides an opportunity to bring awareness to key information surrounding child abuse, while highlighting available resources. Learn more

Informational resources -- the more you know, the better! 

  • Know the signs -- Children suffering from abuse or neglect often show physical and behavioral signs. Recognizing those signs can help families overcome the underlying issues of maltreatment. Learn more
  • Know the tips -- There are ways you can help parents and kids create great childhoods in our community. Learn more
  • Know the data -- Did you know that 1 in 4 children have experienced abuse or neglect in their lives? Help give kids great Childhoods by raising awareness about child abuse and neglect prevention! 
  • Know the ages -- Nearly half of substantiated cases of child abuse & neglect in California are for ages 0-5. 

>>Learn more about the facts here.<<