Food Protection Program

Our Food Protection Program is responsible for the enforcement of the California Retail Food Code (CalCode) and the implementation of Placer County’s retail food facility placard program.  Our specialists issue permits and inspect all retail food facilities in the county, such as restaurants, bars, markets, school cafeterias, bakeries, mini-marts and convenience stores, retail stores that sell pre-packaged food, mobile food vendors, and special/temporary event booths.

Our food facility inspections are designed to minimize the occurrence of the five most critical risk factors for foodborne illness: food from unsafe sources; inadequate cooking temperatures; improper holding temperatures; contaminated equipment; poor employee hygiene.  The Retail Food Facility Inspection Guide (PDF) serves as a reference booklet and an educational tool for inspectors and food facility operators. This guide provides information on common terms used in CalCode and the Placer County Code to assist in understanding violations.