Caterers supply food and related services to clients at private or public functions held somewhere other than where the food was prepared.  Caterers must obtain a permit.  All food served by a caterer must be prepared at a location that has been approved by Environmental Health to serve as a commissary.  To obtain a caterers permit, submit a complete application packet (PDF) with the appropriate fee (PDF) to Environmental Health.  For individual pages from the application packet, please see our permits, forms, and fees page.

To use forms marked as "PDF-fillable form," open the form you need by clicking on the appropriate link, click on the download icon in the upper right, rename the form, and save it locally (i.e. to your desktop). Close your website browser, and then open the PDF you just saved in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Now you can type in the fields and sign electronically. Be sure to save your changes, and then attach your completed form in an email to us.

Caterer - Same Owner from Permitted Food Facility

Restaurants or markets that wish to provide catering services are required to obtain a catering permit in addition to their current annual health permit.  An example of catering is when a facility prepares the food, transports the food to the event to be catered, and provides staff services and/or multi-use utensils.  A facility that only delivers food and disposable utensils with no additional services provided does not require a catering permit.


Cooks-for-Hire are individuals hired to prepare food at a client’s home or private function.

  • Cooks-for-Hire must either use the client’s food or shop directly prior to arriving at the client’s home or private function.
  • Cooks-for-Hire must handle and prepare all food at the location of the private function.
  • No food is allowed to be stored, prepared, or handled at the private home of the Cook-for-Hire.
  • Cooks-for-Hires do not require a health permit but must complete a Cook-for-Hire Statement (PDF) in order to obtain a business license.

Even though Environmental Health does not regulate Cooks-for-Hire, due to the risks involved, it is highly recommended by this office that all equipment be provided by the client and not the Cook-for-Hire him/herself.

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