Certified Farmer's Markets

Certified Farmers’ Markets (CFMs) are locations certified by the Placer County Agricultural Commissioner where local farmers can sell their value added product to the public.

CFMs are required to have a valid Health Permit (application) to operate and vendors may only sell agricultural products. No food preparation is permitted on-site with the exception of samples, provided that sample distribution adheres to specific sampling guidelines (PDF). Please see PlacerGrown for more information on locations and times.

There are three Farmers’ Market Associations in Placer County, the Foothill Farmers Market, Sierra Fresh Farmers Market, and Gold Country Farmers Market. If you are interested in opening a booth at a farmers’ market, please contact the appropriate CFM Association.


Denio’s is technically not a CFM, and as such, is not enforced under the same regulations. Vendors selling only produce, farm eggs, or farm honey (certified and non-certifiable agricultural products as defined in the Farmers Market requirements) fall under Denio’s produce stand permit and are not required to obtain their own permit.

Vendors selling any other foods will need their own individual permit from Placer County Environmental Health. There are generally two types of permitted facilities which may operate at Denio’s:

  • Pre-packaged food only (Sale of sauces, candy, canned goods, baked goods, and seasoned nuts)
  • Restaurant (Food Preparation, No packaged items for sale)

Selling Other Various Items

Please Note: If interested in selling any food items other than produce, farm eggs, or farm honey, contact Denio’s for their permission to operate, prior to submitting a Food Facility Permit Application to Environmental Health.

To use forms marked as "PDF-fillable form," open the form you need by clicking on the appropriate link, click on the download icon in the upper right, rename the form, and save it locally (i.e. to your desktop). Close your website browser, and then open the PDF you just saved in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Now you can type in the fields and sign electronically. Be sure to save your changes, and then attach your completed form in an email to us.

After ensuring space availability and obtaining product approval from Denio’s, submit an application to Environmental Health with the following items attached:

Pre-packaged foods must be prepared and packaged in a State licensed facility or by a properly permitted Cottage Food Operator.