Workers' Compensation Fraud

Workers' Compensation Fraud (PDF) occurs when someone knowingly makes a false representation of a material fact to obtain or to deny workers' compensation benefits or to avoid responsibility under the law. Workers' Compensation Fraud also occurs when an employer misrepresents the amount of payroll or classification of its employees. Failure to maintain the required Workers' Compensation insurance coverage is also a crime.

All of us who live and work in Placer County pay the price for Workers' Compensation Fraud in the loss of jobs and profit, lower wages and benefits, and higher costs for services and insurance premiums. It affects workers and employers alike and is committed by workers and employers alike.

Report Worker's Compensation Fraud

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Examples of Workers' Compensation Fraud

A Worker Commits a Fraud

  • By misrepresenting his/her job status while collecting temporary disability benefits
  • By filing a claim for an injury that did not occur on or has no relation to the job
  • By knowingly misrepresenting his/her physical condition to obtain Workers' Compensation benefits
  • By misrepresenting previous trauma or treatment

An Employer Commits a Fraud

  • When it misrepresents the amount of payroll or the proper classification of its employees
  • By failing to obtain workers' compensation insurance coverage

An Attorney or Health Care Provider Commits a Fraud

  • When they assist an individual in fraudulent schemes, participate in double billing or intentionally billing for services not provided or are unwarranted