Grey and White Housing Units

Placer County, similar to the rest of California, has a shortage of housing. Especially for our low to middle income residents. The Placer County Board of Supervisors has prioritized the development of an inclusive and all-around approach to addressing the County's affordable housing needs.

A new “Housing Unit,” including staff from the County Executive Office, Economic Development, Community Development and Health and Human Services is dedicated to finding ways to getting affordable homes constructed throughout unincorporated Placer County.

Housing Strategies

On April 4, 2017, the County Board of Supervisors expressed their support for implementing a wide variety of housing strategies - a "menu" - that could be adapted for different parts of the county based on need. In addition, the Board recommended exploring an array of non-traditional housing varieties, from so-called "tiny houses" to co-housing.

Using relevant data, inventories of available land, permit process streamlining, and financing and marketing strategies, the Housing Unit will assist the Board in guiding future decisions towards achieving attainable housing for existing and future Placer County residents.

Stay Informed

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