How You Can Help

Dirt Road with Lake and Rolling Green Hills in Background

Open Space

Public land, private forests, parks, ranches, farms, and other undeveloped lands provide a multitude of public benefits, habitat value, and functions we all need and enjoy, such as water, economic prosperity, wildlife, recreation, and wildfire protection.

Placer County respects private property rights and local jurisdictions and will only work with willing landowners, communities, and partners to promote voluntary open space conservation.

If you or someone you know owns land, there may be an opportunity to contribute to the ongoing effort to preserve open space in Placer County. Let us tell you about the advantages of helping the County achieve its vision, now and for generations to come.

Land Requirements

To qualify for consideration for the open space program, lands must satisfy the Placer Legacy program objectives:

  • Conserve natural features necessary for access to a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities
  • Ensure public safety
  • Maintain a viable agricultural segment of the economy
  • Preserve the diversity of plant and animal communities
  • Protect endangered and other special status plant and animal species
  • Retain important scenic and historic areas
  • Separate urban areas into distinct communities

Placer Legacy Donations

  • Make a Tax-Deductible Financial Contribution (PDF) to Placer Legacy, or help by being an advocate in the community.
  • If you own property and wish to continue ownership, consider a conservation easement which may result in reduced property taxes.
  • If you own property and wish to transfer the deed, consider an outright donation or bargain sale.
  • You can improve the natural quality of your own property by restoring natural habitat and planting native plants and trees.