Side Hill Citrus

Side Hill Citrus Conservation Easement

Placer County worked with the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, Emigrant Trails Greenway Trust, and the Placer Land Trust to acquire an agricultural conservation easement on the 47-acre Side Hill Citrus farm, an organic mandarin and citrus orchard in rural Lincoln. The easement is intended to sustain the economic viability of organic farming on the property, to preserve the agricultural and ecological characteristics of the land in perpetuity, and to protect the property’s riparian corridor from development and other harmful impacts.

Family-owned and operated, Side Hill Citrus was established on 17 acres in 1975. Today Side Hill Citrus has expanded to 47-acres and provides organic mandarins and other citrus (Meyer lemons and grapefruit) to consumers in Placer County, Northern California, and to the rest of the United States. The ranch is certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), and the family grows its citrus with proven organic horticultural practices.

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