North Lake Tahoe

Placer County provides a wide variety of services to North Lake Tahoe residents, local businesses and visitors.

Our responsibility to preserve and enhance Lake Tahoe’s environment means we often must deliver those services in a different manner than we do elsewhere in the county. Placer County works closely with our regional partners to meet the needs of our residents, businesses and visitors.

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Strengthening our Tahoe Communities

The North Lake Tahoe Economic Incentive Program is available to applicants looking for assistance acquiring Tourist Accommodation Units (TAUs) and infrastructure cost offsets. Interested applicants should contact Jennifer Merchant with the County Executive Office - Tahoe, to arrange a meeting to discuss their interest in the program. Please email Jennifer or call her at 530-546-1952.

Lake Tahoe Transportation Updates

TART Expanded Fall Service
Air Quality Information
Tahoe Area Roadwork