Food Preparation

Carts are limited in that they are restricted to "limited food preparation" and are too small to fit a 3-compartment sink and the required water tanks. The only food services that are considered "limited prep" and do not require a 3-compartment sink are:

  • Popping popcorn (think - movie theatre popcorn inside an enclosed case)
  • Serving non-potentially hazardous foods (bread, muffins, scones, pretzels)
  • Shaving ice
  • Steaming hot dogs and serving with non-potentially hazardous condiments
  • Steaming tamales in the original inedible wrapper (prepared at the commissary)

Additional food items or variations on the above must be prepared inside and sold from an enclosed vehicle. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Assembly of food (tacos, sandwiches)
  • Coffee/espresso drinks
  • Dipping ice cream
  • Grilling hot dogs and adding bacon, chili, or other potentially hazardous sides to your hot dogs
  • Kettle corn
  • Slicing/serving cakes or pies
  • Squeezing fresh lemonade

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Please contact Environmental Health prior to making any financial investment in a food cart, especially one from another State or County.