Food Trucks & Trailers

Food Preparation

Food trucks and trailers can engage in full food preparation and typically involve hot holding of pre-cooked foods and may contain grills, griddles, fryers, or pizza ovens.

Whether you wish to operate a food truck or trailer, the requirements are the same. First the vehicle must be certified by California Housing and Community Development (HCD) as a special purpose commercial modular. Depending on the food served, the vehicle must contain most or all of the following:

  • Refrigeration at 41° Fahrenheit or below
  • Steam tables or other hot holding at 135° Fahrenheit or above
  • Dedicated handwash sink with soap and paper towel dispensers
  • 3-compartment sink with dual integral drainboards
  • 30 gallon potable water tank
  • 45 gallon wastewater tank
  • Minimum 4 gallon water heater (or tankless water heater capable of producing 120° Fahrenheit water at minimum 1gpm in all sinks)
  • Well stocked, up-to-date first aid kit
  • Exterior signage containing the business name in minimum 3 inch high lettering and city, state, zip, and name of the permittee (yourself) in minimum 1 inch high lettering
  • Properly mounted, up-to-date 10 rated fire extinguisher
  • Exhaust hood with fire suppression in compliance with UL300 (contact Fire Department with questions regarding this)

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Please contact Environmental Health prior to making any financial investment in custom building a food truck or trailer, or purchasing one, especially from another State or County.