How to Acquire a Health Permit

To get a permit for your mobile food facility please submit a completed application packet (PDF-Fillable Form) to this office. A Specialist will contact you with questions, concerns, or to set up a date and time for inspection of the vehicle. All initial inspections are performed at the Environmental Health office in Auburn (or at our satellite office in Tahoe City). The health permit fee (PDF) is due at the time of the inspection. To use forms marked as "PDF-Fillable Form," open the form you need by clicking on the appropriate link, click on the download icon in the upper right, rename the form, and save it locally (i.e. to your desktop). Close your website browser, and then open the PDF you just saved in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Now you can type in the fields and sign electronically. Be sure to save your changes, and then attach your completed form in an email to us.

Annual Permit Renewal

All permitted vehicles on inventory will be billed in March for the following year (permits expire on and fees are due by June 30th). It is the responsibility of the operator to call and arrange for an inspection prior to the permit expiration, or to cancel the renewal of the permit for the following year.

In order to obtain a new permit:

  • The fee must be paid.
  • An updated commissary letter must be submitted and approved.
  • The vehicle must pass inspection.

When the 3 items above have been completed, a new permit for the following year will be issued and the permit sticker will be applied to the vehicle in the presence of Environmental Health staff.

Passing Inspection

All mobile food facilities must pass an annual inspection in order to be granted an annual operating permit. The annual operating permit shall be displayed on the rear or other prominent location of the vehicle in the form of a brightly colored sticker that is issued by this office.

On the day of your scheduled inspection please ensure that your vehicle is in complete operating condition:

  • Adequate volume and pressure of hot and cold water
  • First aid kit
  • Hand wash supplies (soap and paper towels) available and accessible
  • Hot water shall be at least 120° Fahrenheit (100° Fahrenheit for mobile food facilities with only hand washing)
  • Properly mounted, up-to-date rated fire extinguisher
  • Refrigerators at 41° Fahrenheit or below
  • Sanitizer and proper test strips on the vehicle
  • Steam tables 135° Fahrenheit or above

Individual Application Packet Forms