Kings Beach Properties Available

Four properties in the Lake Tahoe Community of Kings Beach are being offered for sale or development. The properties are owned by Placer County or the Successor Agency to the former Redevelopment Agency, and are commonly referred to as:

  • Eastern Gateway Property (highlighted in green on the image)
  • Former Swiss Mart Property (highlighted in yellow on the image)
  • Kings Beach Center (highlighted in orange on the image)
  • Town Center South (highlighted in magenta on the image)


North Lake Tahoe is a largely mountain community, catering to winter skiing, summer water sports, and year-round outdoor enthusiasts. All four properties are within walking distance of the Kings Beach State Recreation Area, one of the most beautiful and well known beaches on Lake Tahoe.Kings Beach Properties Map: Swiss Mart Property in yellow, Eastern Gateway Property in green, Kings Beach Center in Orange, Town Center South in Magenta

Commercial Corridor

The Kings Beach commercial corridor has been a major focus of Placer County redevelopment programs, including improvements to infrastructure and the rebuilding and beautification of State Route 28 and pedestrian corridors. These four properties are in the Kings Beach Town Center along State Route 28 and provide excellent opportunities for transformative projects that will benefit future owner/developers and the community. All four properties are being offered separately, but it may be possible to incorporate two or more of the properties into a single related or compatible commercial or high-quality mixed-use project development.

Interested Parties

This site is provided to enable interested parties to access relevant documents for each property and to provide instructions for contacting the County regarding your interest in one or more of the properties.

  1. Swiss Mart
  2. Eastern Gateway
  3. Kings Beach Center
  4. Town Center South