1st Development Phase

The 1st Development Phase includes seven properties (Property 1A, 3, a portion of 4B, 7, 12B, 15 and a portion of 19) totaling 1,535.3 acres, or approximately one third of the plan area, and will include construction of:

  • 42 acres of retail, commercial and office/professional uses
  • Schools, parks, open space and other public serving land uses
  • Up to 5,266 residential units

The 1st Development Phase project, which was approved by the Planning Commission on June 8, 2017 includes the Development Phase Phasing Plan and Large-Lot Vesting Tentative Maps for each of the Development Phase properties. The Large Lot Maps establish the general layout of land uses and backbone roadways for the properties within the 1st Development Phase and enable each property owner to secure financing on portions of properties that will be developed following subsequent approval of Small Lot Tentative Maps.

Development Phase Documents