Wineries & Farm Breweries

Gravel Road Around a Winery Field with House in the Background

The following information relates to small wineries (producing less than 20,000 cases per year) in the unincorporated areas of Placer County. The Winery Ordinance was adopted in 2020 to provide for the orderly development of wineries. The regulations establish specific requirements from the various departments and divisions.


1.) I want to have a small winery without a Tasting Room or events. What is required?

If a building is constructed on the site, a building permit (PDF) is required. A list of typical requirements is available for review.

2.) I want to have a winery and a Tasting Room. What is required?

The following list of requirements is intended to give winery owners a basic idea of the requirements for various uses. This list is not intended to be all-inclusive, and other County and State/Federal requirements not listed may also apply

3.) I want to have a winery with limited tasting and no events. What is required?

The following list of requirements is intended to give winery owners a basic idea of the requirements for limited tasting that occurs when no building permit is needed

Key Definitions

  • Agricultural Accessory Structures: An uninhabited structure or building designed and built to store farm animals, implements, supplies or products, that contains no residential use and is not open to the public. Includes barns; grain elevators; silos, and other similar buildings and structures, but not commercial greenhouses (which are under "Plant Nurseries") or buildings for agricultural processing activities (which are under "Agricultural Processing").
  • Agricultural Promotional Events: An event related to the education and marketing of wine and craft beer to consumers, including, but not limited to, winemaker/brew master dinners, pick-up parties, release parties, and any parties, professional events or gatherings that support the promotion of the agricultural product.
  • Special Events: An event with more than 50 people at one time where the agricultural-related component is subordinate to the primary purpose of the event. Included in this definition are events such as private parties, fundraisers, concerts, social or educational gatherings where outside alcohol may be allowed, and events where the property owner is compensated for use of the site (i.e., facility rental).

Building Permits

A valid Building Permit is required before inviting the public into a building.