Granite Bay Community Plan

Granite Bay Community Plan Circulation Element Update

Placer County has launched an effort to update the Circulation Element of the Granite Bay Community Plan to revisit the transportation goals and policies for relevance to today’s community environment and to ensure applicability in the future.  Long range, cumulative traffic levels, associated with locally and regionally generated traffic within and through the Plan Area, will be modeled in order to meet the main objective of identifying appropriate Level of Service (LOS) standards and associated plan infrastructure needs within the Community Plan area.  

No changes to the Community Plan's land use designations are proposed as part of this update effort.  However, an environmental analysis and traffic model update will be prepared. The analysis will include land use inputs for “reasonably foreseeable” projects pursuant to CEQA requirements, thereby taking into consideration projects currently being processed. 

“Our County transportation systems are integral to a good quality of life for residents, visitors, and our local business owners,” stated Ken Grehm, Director of Public Works. “These workshops are intended to provide key stakeholders in our community an opportunity to learn, discuss, and provide feedback on policies that affect them every day.”

Placer County held five public workshops, between January and March 2019 on the following focus areas: 

  • Goals and policies - including community transportation values
  • Definition of future transportation system priorities - including alternative modes
  • Level of Service (LOS) designation
  • Consideration for programs to reduce Vehicle Miles of Travel (VMT)
  • Related infrastructure needs and potential funding sources
  • Safety and Enforcement

Additionally, Placer County launched a community survey to solicit further feedback on the topics discussed during the public workshops. Over 900 community members responded to the survey.  Presentations and handouts from the workshops, as well as the community survey results are available below:

Final Community Survey Results

Granite Bay Community Plan

The next steps in our process will be writing the project description and preparing an environmental document under CEQA. There will be further opportunity for public comment on this project, including updates at the Granite Bay Municipal Advisory Council meetings, the CEQA comment periods, hearings before the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors.

If you have any questions or would like to join the Contact List for this project to receive updates, please email Katie Jackson.

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