Apiary Registration

California Food and Agricultural Code Section 29040 requires apiaries to be registered with the Agricultural Commissioner January 1 of each year. 

 A completed registration form, including current apiary location(s) along with the applicable fee, is required before your bees may be registered. 

 Please complete the registration form and submit it with your $10.00 fee. Hobbyist beekeepers with 9 hives or less that are not in the business of beekeeping are exempt from the fee, however, submission of the registration form is required.

 Checks may be made payable to the Placer County Department of Agriculture.

Please call the Agricultural Commissioner Office for more information (530) 889-7372

Registration form

Need to have a Bee Swarm removed?

For Honeybees ONLY - No Wasps, Hornets, or Yellow Jackets

Placer County Beekeepers Association: (408) 375-0031 

Honeybee Hotline: (530) 675-2924.  

  • If no call back within 4 hours, call: (530) 265-3756.