Code Compliance  ADMINISTRATIVE Hearings 

As an alternative to traditional Superior Court trials, Placer County Code Compliance and Cannabis Enforcement implemented a State approved Administrative Hearing process. The Government Code authorizes the County to conduct such hearings. The Community Development Resource Agency Director appoints the presiding hearing officer from a list of persons approved by the Placer County Board of Supervisors.

Before the Hearing date
  • Refer to your documentation to determine your hearing date or call (530) 745-3050 to inquire/confirm
  • Prepare your defense or compliance plan
Demonstrate compliance with photos or other evidence

Acknowledge violation and be prepared with compliance date

Be prepared with evidence, witnesses, and any backup materials necessary to share with the Hearing Officer

  • Arrive to the hearing on time
  • The Hearing Clerk will provide an introduction
  • Any person who intends to testify will be sworn in by the Hearing Clerk
  • The County will present their case to the Hearing Officer
  • The Respondent will then have the opportunity to present their defense if desired
1. Approach the podium
2. Address the Hearing Officer
3. Speak into the microphone
  • The Hearing Officer will take each matter under advisement and provide a written summary of findings within ten (10) days after the hearing.
  • If a penalty is ordered, payment can be made at either CDRA office. Please reference the Assessor's Parcel Number.
Any corrective action ordered must be completed as outlined and within the time afforded by the Hearing Officer.

If required, hearings are held on the third Wednesday of the month at the Auburn office with live streaming to the Tahoe office. 

Notifications are available by signing up on our agenda center.