Placer County Youth Commission now accepting applications

Published on April 9, 2019

The Placer County Youth Commission is now accepting applications from local youth who wish to serve as one of 18 formally appointed members for the 2019-20 term. The PCYC is an advisory board to the Placer County Board of Supervisors that consists of at least one youth representative from each of the five supervisory districts. PCYC strives to appoint youth that represent diverse backgrounds, experiences and skill sets.

PCYC aims to advise decision-makers on youth-related issues, serve as a community forum to discuss youth concerns and ideas, raise the profile of Placer County youth, initiate and maintain positive change in the community, encourage youth engagement and prepare youth to be active citizens. The PCYC experience has helped numerous youth attain opportunities, awards, and scholarships. 

Youth members facilitate bi-monthly meetings, set priorities, conduct research, and create action plans. To better connect with youth and effect issues, PCYC may sponsor special activities and host open forums or events. PCYC presents an annual report at the Board of Supervisors meeting in June. 

Applicants must be Placer County residents between the ages of 14 (or ninth grade) and 21 years. Applications are due by midnight Saturday, June 1. Commissioner appointment is a competitive process consisting of both a written application and an in-person interview.

In addition to the appointed commissioner role, students can join PCYC at any time by submitting an ambassador application. Youth-serving as ambassadors have greater flexibility, can focus on a specific project or issue of interest and may demonstrate their abilities prior to applying as a commissioner.

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