Agenda Listings

Board of Supervisors

Board of Supervisors

Planning Commission

Planning Commission

Municipal Advisory Councils (MACs)

Donner Summit Municipal Advisory Council (MAC)

Foresthill Forum

Granite Bay Municipal Advisory Council (MAC)

Horseshoe Bar/Penryn Municipal Advisory Council (MAC)

Meadow Vista Municipal Advisory Council (MAC)

Newcastle / Ophir Municipal Advisory Council (MAC)

North Auburn Municipal Advisory Council (MAC)

North Tahoe Regional Advisory Council (RAC)

Olympic Valley Municipal Advisory Council (MAC)

Rural Lincoln Municipal Advisory Council (MAC)

Sheridan Municipal Advisory Council (MAC)

Weimar/Applegate/Colfax Municipal Advisory Council (MAC)

West Placer Municipal Advisory Council (MAC)

County Boards, Committees and Commissions

Agricultural Commission

Auburn Veterans Memorial Hall Board of Trustees

Audit Committee

Benefit Assessment District

Bond Screening

Cannabis Regulations Ordinance

Capital Projects Advisory (CAP) Committee

Charter Review Committee

Civil Service Commission

Colfax Veterans Memorial Hall Board of Trustees

Deferred Compensation Committee

Design Site Review Committee 

Development Review Committee

Economic Development Board

Fish & Game Commission

Foresthill Forum

Foresthill Forum McKeon Ponderosa Road Ad Hoc Sub-Committee

Foresthill Parks & Trails Sub-Committee

Foresthill Veterans Memorial Hall Board of Trustees

Gold Run Cemetery Committee

Housing Development Advisory Taskforce

In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Advisory Committee

Library Advisory Board

Lincoln Veterans Memorial Hall Board of Trustees

Loomis Veterans Memorial Hall Board of Trustees

Mental Health, Alcohol & Drug Advisory Board (MHADAB)

Mental Health, Alcohol & Drug Advisory Board (MHADAB) - Executive Committee

MHADAB - Adult Services Committee

MHADAB - Alcohol & Other Drug Committee

MHADAB - Children's Services Committee

Middle Fork Project Finance Authority

Older Adult Advisory Commission (OAAC)

Olympic Valley Site Design Review Committee

Parks Commission

Property Tax Assessment Appeals

Roseville Veterans Memorial Hall Board of Trustees

Solid Waste Local Task Force

Tahoe Basin Design Review Committee

Wastewater Advisory Committee

Zoning Administrator / Parcel Review Committee

Boards, Committees and Commissions

Oversight Board of the Successor Agency

Other Agencies - outside agencies hosted by Placer County

California County Assessors’ Information Technology Authority Board

Consolidated Oversight Board

Flood Control & Water Conservation District

Local Agency Formation Commission

Placer Conservation Authority

Placer County Air Pollution Control District (PCAPCD) Board

Regional 2x2 - Regional Sewer Oversight Committee