Scams & Fraud

Learn how to protect yourself from and respond to scams and fraud.

Real Property Fraud Prevention & Courtesy Notification Program

A new real estate notification program has been initiated to preemptively protect property owners from unauthorized transfers of real property. The program automatically notifies the property owner when a document is recorded that may affect ownership of real property. Please visit Placer County Recorder's Real Property Records website for more information.

Private Companies Charging for Free Services

Fraud Scams Sign

The Placer County Assessor’s Office occasionally receives reports of cleverly worded solicitations from private companies offering to provide services to taxpayers for a fee that the Assessor’s Office already provides free of charge. Often times, these notices look official, but they are not. All official correspondence from the Placer County Assessor’s Office will have the following features:

  • Official Placer County 
  • Assessor letterhead
  • Assessor Matthew R. Maynard's name on the letter
  • A return address of:
    2980 Richardson Drive
    Auburn CA 95603-2640

Please contact us if you are concerned about the validity of any solicitations you receive concerning our office.

Assessor Staff Visits to Your PropertyCounty of Placer Car

The Placer County Assessor’s Office occasionally receives reports of people claiming to be from the Assessor’s Office in order to gain access to residents’ homes or property.

Placer County Assessor’s Office staff travel in marked county vehicles. They will have an Assessor’s Office photo identification card, business cards, and a verifiable business purpose for interacting with the public. If you are unsure about whether or not someone is an employee of the Assessor’s Office please contact our office to verify. If you suspect illegal activity, please contact the Placer County Sheriff’s Office or your local police department.