County Mental Health Crisis Triage Services

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health emergency, please call our Adult Crisis & Intake 24-Hour Phone Line at 916-787-8860 or 1-888-886-5401 or our Children’s 24-Hour Hotline at 916-872-6549 or 1-866-293-1940. 

Crisis intervention services and assessments are provided at multiple locations throughout Placer County for both adults and children.  Trained and caring County mental health professionals provide these services at local emergency departments such as Sutter Roseville Medical Center, Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital, and Tahoe Forest Hospital.  These services are also provided in the Auburn and South Placer jails as well as the Juvenile Detention center.

Community Mobile Crisis Triage Teams (MCT)

Community Mobile Crisis Triage services are provided in the community for Placer County residents. Triage teams work in unison often with local law enforcement and respond to various locations such as homes, shelters, parks, clinics, schools and streets. Teams consisting of mental health professionals, registered nurses, and paraprofessionals (individuals with lived mental health experience) work in harmony to provide caring and competent services to those who request the service through a 24/7 Crisis/Access line. The purpose of MCT is to conduct comprehensive behavioral health assessments and provide clinical interventions to those experiencing a crisis in order to address any immediate mental health needs and to assist with determining the most appropriate level of support and services to alleviate the crisis and keep people safe.

The nurse on the Physical and Behavioral Health MCT team can address any imminent physical health care needs, assess for any possible physical or medical concerns that may be complicating the presenting mental health symptoms, and assist with linkage to medical providers or medical treatment if necessary. This “Whole Person” approach of examining both mental health and physical health needs is critical to formulating an accurate and thorough picture that will lead to a safe and appropriate outcome. The nurse will often be able to provide essential nursing care for “medical clearance” that is required prior to admission to a psychiatric unit or residential location for short term treatment. This will also help avoid an unnecessary visit to the emergency department for someone in crisis. In addition, the nurse can also offer valuable physical health follow up services for up to 60 days post crisis and assist with any urgent crisis needs in the behavioral health clinic.

In addition to a mental health professional and registered nurse, Paraprofessionals or “Peer Advocates” are involved with the mobile crisis team, assist clinicians with providing resources and interventions, and can offer a unique contribution and perspective to the individual in crises, showing an empathy and support, as well as linkage to necessary resources to help resolve the crisis in the days that follow.

MCT teams also provide follow-up services (up to 60 days) for those individuals not requiring psychiatric hospitalization. Follow-up services include referrals and linkages to various county and community resources, advocacy, case management, and brief supportive therapy.

Services at emergency departments and jails are provided 24/7. Community MCT Services are available Monday - Friday, 8:00 am – 10:00 pm and Saturday, 10:00 am – 7:00 pm.

Service Requests: Community members can request MCT services directly by calling Placer County Intake at 916-787-8860 or toll-free 888-886-5401. Law enforcement partners can also request MCT support.

MCT Brochure

Lotus Crisis Center Brochure

Lotus Crisis Center Flyer

For additional information not related to service requests:
Curtis Budge, Program Manager
Placer County Adult System of Care
[email protected]

Family Mobile Team

The Family Mobile Team (FMT) responds to family and youth crises in the community with Roseville patrol officers or immediately after the scene is secured. They also collaborate with the school resource officers affiliated with Roseville Police and respond to the school campuses if needed. The team also provides follow-up support and brief case management to families and youth encountered by the team or at the request of Roseville police.

The team closely collaborates with their Children’s System of Care (CSOC) colleagues in Child Welfare Services and Children’s Mental health, should those agencies be already involved with the family, and assist in a smooth transition for those youth and families interested and eligible for on-going mental health services provided by CSOC if not already engaged.

FMT is co-located with the Roseville Police Department to facilitate collaboration. Roseville PD is centrally located in the region, so response times can be facilitated to anywhere in the locale.

The FMT has two mini- teams consisting of the practitioner and Parent/Family Partner so that one team can be available to respond to crises, while the other team is completing follow-up support to the youth and/or family. The Youth Advocate has a critical role in follow-up services with youth involved in crises to connect with youth on school campuses or after school.

The team will be operational from 9:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. seven days a week.

Service Requests: Roseville Police Department Dispatch Only

Walk-In Services: Not applicable

For additional information not related to service requests:
Leslie Roth, Program Manager
Placer County Children’s System of Care
[email protected]

School/County Collaborative
This is a joint project, between Placer County Office of Education and Placer County Children’s System of Care, in collaboration with Roseville Joint Union High School District and Roseville City School District.  The intent is to deepen the existing county-wide education, mental health, child welfare, probation, and community partnerships.  Outcomes from this project will primarily focus on providing increased and efficient services to students who are at-risk/currently experiencing mental health needs, although school-wide and county-wide outcomes will be measured.
School-based mental health staff will provide a continuum of integrated mental health services at Roseville High School, Woodcreek High School, Buljan Middle School, Cooley Middle School, Sargeant Elementary School and Spanger Elementary School.  Staff will include Mental Health Specialists (1 FTE for each high school and middle school; 0.5 FTE for each elementary school) and a Family/Youth/Community Liaison (someone with lived experience utilizing the county’s systems) for each school, a Project Coordinator and the County Clinical Supervisor.
The Mental Health Specialists and Family Liaisons will form a team, along with existing school-based mental health professionals (e.g. school counselors, school social workers, school psychologists), to create 6 school-based Wellness Centers/Campuses. While many services may be accessed in group and individual settings, there is an emphasis on school wide services. School staff will have opportunities for trainings, support and education to increase their capacity to meet the needs of students with mental health needs.
Service Requests: For enrolled students in these schools, services can be requested from any school employee

Walk-In Services: Available for enrolled students

For additional information not related to service requests:
Allison Murphy, Project Coordinator
Placer County Office of Education
[email protected]

Jennifer Cook, Program Manager
Placer County Children’s System of Care
[email protected]

  1. Adult Intake

    Adult Crisis & Intake 24 Hour Phone Line: 916-787-8860 or 1-888-886-5401

  2. Children's Mental Health Services

    24-Hour Hotline: 916-872-6549, Toll Free: 866-293-1940