Hidden Falls Regional Park

A photograph of the falls at Hidden Falls Regional Park

Welcome to Hidden Falls Regional Park


Welcome to Hidden Falls Regional Park located in the beautiful oak woodlands near Auburn. The park offers 30 miles of multiple-use trails for hiking, running, biking, and equestrian riding.

We want you to enjoy your visit to the park, so there are a few things you should "know before you go."

Reservations are required on all weekends.  In addition, the following days during 2023 will require a parking reservation:

2023 High Usage Dates: 1/1, 1/16, 2/20, 4/3 – 4/14, 5/29, 7/4, 9/4, 10/9, 11/10, 11/23 - 11/24, 12/18 - 1/5. 


As part of our land stewardship and commitment to reducing wildfire risk, Hidden Falls Regional Park will be closed to public access during days that are determined to be extreme fire weather. Notice will be given as far in advance of closure days as possible but may be as short as 12 hours’ notice before closure the following day.  Please check the status on this webpage immediately before leaving on your visit to Hidden Falls this summer.  Visitors with reservations during closure days will be given credit for the purchase price of their reservation to be used for a future visit.  Thank you for your understanding in helping to keep Hidden Falls and its neighbors safe from wildfire.



Notifications will be posted to the following website:

https://www.placer.ca.gov/6106/Hidden-Falls-Regional-Park or by calling (530) 886-4901. You may also check our social media sites for updates.


Staff will determine extreme fire weather days in consultation with weather and fire officials and would generally coincide with conditions that prompt Red Flag and Excessive Heat warnings.


7587 Mears Place
Auburn, CA 95602


The park is open from sunrise to sunset daily. Specific opening and closing times are posted daily by park rangers at the site. Please note closure information and exit the park before closing time.


Click here for frequently asked questions about this park


Placer County Department of Parks and Open Space
Phone: (530) 886-4901
Email: [email protected]


  • 30 miles of native surface, multi-use trails
  • 1 quarter-mile concrete ADA accessible trails
  • Fishing
  • Horse trailer parking
  • Open space
  • Falls viewing decks
  • Picnic areas
  • Restrooms

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Parking Reservations

Parking reservations are required on all weekends, peak use days, and marked holidays. You’ll need to purchase your parking permit before your visit.

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Trail Map

Wireless service is limited, download the map to your mobile device prior to your visit

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What to Know

Helpful tips for you to get the most from your visit to Hidden Falls Park.

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Overhead view of Hidden Falls

Hidden Falls Equestrian riders

Mountain bikers on a trail

Hidden Falls Running Spring18-026

Family walking down trail at Hidden Falls

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Know Before You Go

Parking reservations are required on weekends, holidays and other peak days. Permits are not available at the park and must be purchased using our online parking reservation system before your visit. Parking is free all other days. You can reserve a parking spot for all-day-use or half-day. Make a reservation here.

Be sure to bring plenty of drinking water for yourself and your pets, especially during hot temperatures.

Some trails are quite steep, so prepare to visit the park with proper hiking shoes, attire, sunscreen and snacks.

Service for most cell phone carriers is very limited.

During Rain or Inclement Weather

Trails are closed to cyclists and equestrians during and after rain events in order to maintain trail stability, permit drying and minimize soil displacement. Reopening will occur as soon as practical, given soil conditions. Notices of trail closure status are posted on this site, our Facebook, and Twitter pages daily. Please check for trail closure information prior to heading to the park.

Grazing at the Park

Visitors to Hidden Falls may encounter sheep, goats or cattle grazing throughout the Park. Sheep and goats are being used for vegetation management to improve habitat conditions for native plants and animals and to help prevent or minimize the effects of wildfires.

For Your Safety

  • Do not cross into fenced or penned areas.
  • Do not pet, touch or feed grazing animals.
  • Do not touch fencing, it may be Electrified to contain animals.
  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times and under owners’ direct control.
  • No buses larger than 15 passenger capacity allowed in parking area.

What to Expect in Nature

Hidden Falls is an open space area in the oak woodlands of the Sierra Nevada Foothills. The purpose of Hidden Falls is to preserve its wild beauty and ecosystem, so there are types of creatures living here that you should be aware of:


Ticks are commonly found in grassy, brushy, and wooded areas as well as along the side of trails.


Snakes found in Hidden Falls are docile unless provoked. Maintaining a reasonable distance away from the snake until it has left the area is recommended.

Poison Oak

Poison Oak is a common plant found at Hidden Falls that may cause skin irritation. Below are tips on how to identify the plant and treat a potential rash.

Keep it Nice

Remember, Hidden Falls is your park. Keep it nice for future users by:

  • Staying on trails
  • Keeping dogs under control on a maximum 6-foot leash and removing their feces from the park
  • Packing out any litter you bring or find

Hidden Falls Regional Park Trails Expansion Project

Learn more about the proposed expansion of Hidden Falls Park, which could result in a trail system approximately 60 miles in length, providing hikers, cyclists and equestrians alike with access to more than double the length of existing multi-use trails. Learn more 

Placer Legacy Open Space Program

Hidden Falls Regional Park was purchased and developed by the County of Placer through the Placer Legacy Open Space and Agricultural Conservation Program for the purposes of natural conservation and passive recreation. 

Placer Legacy is a voluntary program formed to conserve open space, help preserve the local farm economy, protect native plants and wildlife, and provide more passive recreation opportunities to the public. Please visit Placer Legacy for more information about this program.

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