Policies and Procedures

As part of the Placer County Sheriff’s Office’s commitment to transparency and education, the Office’s Policies and Procedures are being made available to the public. These documents are accessible through this page. Procedures are reviewed, edited, revised, and updated on a continuous basis. No compilation of policies and rules can be established to address all possible situations; Sheriff’s Office members must continually make discretionary decisions, relying on the rules and principals of law, as well as those contained in the listed documents.

These procedures have been redacted in accordance with California Government Code 6254(f), to remove information that may endanger the safety of any person, including law enforcement personnel, as well as information that may disclose investigative techniques or procedures.

General Orders Manual

Field Operations Division Policy Manual

Corrections Division Policy Manual


Coroner Manual

Corrections Jail Training Program 

Court Security Manual

Field Training Program

Internal Affairs Manual

Search and Rescue Policies and Procedures

Training Documents