Park Dedication Fee Program

Photograph of entrance and playground at Squaw Valley Park


Park Dedication Fees serve two purposes. One, to offset the impact of new residential development on existing community recreation facilities; and two, to maintain the General Plan standard of 10 acres of developed parkland per 1000 residents, (i.e. 5 acres of Active Park Land per 1000 residents and 5 acres of Passive Park Land per 1000 residents).

The Overview Statement section (beneath the Fee Schedule) contains a short overview of the Park Dedication Fee Program (hereinafter referred as “Program”) how the fees are generated, what the fees can be used for and how the Placer County Parks Division (hereinafter referred as “County”) administers the Program.

Overview Statement

Park Dedication Fees

The intent of the Program is to mitigate the effect new neighborhoods have on existing recreational facilities by acquiring, constructing new and/or rehabilitating existing parks and recreation facilities.  Park Dedication Fees may used to pay for capital costs but may not be used for maintenance.  Furthermore, the Parks Commission has taken the position the funds should be used for improvements on the ground, not for master planning efforts, design of projects, etc.

Fee Basis

The amount of the Park Dedication Fee is based on the representative cost to build recreational facilities to maintain a ratio of 5 acres of active park and 5 acres of passive park per 1,000 residents, as called for in the recreation element of the Placer County General Plan.  As subdivision projects are conditioned, the General Plan and the various Community Plans are the County’s blueprints for conditioning recreational facilities on new subdivisions.


There must be a nexus between those paying the fee and where the fee is utilized.

Policies and Procedures

The Park Dedication Fees Policies and Procedures are intended for consistency and fairness for those requesting funds from the Program.  We have also developed rating criteria to help the County rank proposed projects based upon predetermined factors.