Mounted Enforcement

The purpose of the Placer County Sheriff’s Mounted Enforcement Unit is to provide specialized law enforcement patrol duties of crowd and riot control, security for special events, and to promote positive public relations by participating in community programs. At our strongest, we had 12 members.  These members created the “Ride with Pride” program, a great community outreach, which celebrated its 26th anniversary in 2019.  This is the longest-running program within the Placer County Sheriff’s Office.


Areas of deployment for the mounted unit: 

  1. Public relations, community events, kid’s events, special events
  2. Patrol- parks, schools, parking lots, residential areas, malls, fairgrounds, festivals
  3. Funerals / Honor guard events
  4. Parades / Tributes
  5. Riot / large crowd control
  6. Sporting events / large gatherings
  7.  Host special programs such as “Ride with Pride.”
  8.  Recruitment / Job fairs
  9. Assist other jurisdictions


Our current team:

Lieutenant Connie Schmidt – Looking for the right horse

Sergeant Sage Bourassa – Horse Justice

Deputy Kevin Borden – Horse Kash

Deputy Jessica Morrill – Horse Poco

Reserve Lynn Seeley – Horse Cheyenne