Approved CCW Instructors

You must complete a minimum of an 8-hour course for a new Carry Concealed Weapons (CCW) and a 4-hour course for a renewal. Instruction must be from an instructor from our approved list. You must qualify with each weapon on your license. If you want to add or remove weapons from your license, a qualification is required for all (not to exceed three) weapons you want on the license.

You may take the CCW class prior to receiving written notification of passing the background process; however, this shall be at your own risk in case your CCW is denied. If denied a CCW, neither Placer County Sheriff’s Office nor the training vendor are responsible for costs. The training certificate you receive at the completion of your course is valid for 3 months from date of issuance; this time may be extended if the background takes longer than 3 months through no fault of your own.

Approved Instructors

Accuracy Firearm Training - Rocklin
Razmik Carap
Phone: 916-316-6996etian
Email: [email protected]
Link: Accuracy Firearm Training
AIM Firearms Training - Elk Grove
Martin Mapa
Phone: 916-704-5189
Email: Email AIM Firearms Training
Link: AIM Firearms Training Website
Americal Training Center – Truckee
Justin Hoekman
Phone: 530-536-6631
Email: [email protected]
American Arms Company
James Gotcher
Auburn, CA 95603
Phone: 530-830-ARMS
Email: Email American Arms Company
Link: American Arms Company Website
Axiom - Browns Valley
Christopher Atkinson
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 530-392-0257
Bad Moon Shooting - Yuba City
Steve Carney / Stephanie Carnie
Phone: 530-988-8772
Email: Email Bad Moon Shooting
Link: Bad Moon Shooting Website
Basic Firearms Training - Sacramento
Philip Webster
Phone: 916-718-0976
Email: Email Basic Firearms Training
Link: Basic Firearms Training Website
Basic to Advanced Firearms Training - Penryn
Phone: 916-660-2507
E-mail: [email protected]
Baxter Firearms Training - Citrus heights
Mike Baxter
Phone : 916-729-8377
Email: [email protected]
BDS Technology, LLC - Newcastle
Brian D. Stephen
Phone: 916-825-1401
Email: Email BDS Technology, LLC
Link: BDS Technology, LLC Website
Bellicose Firearms Instruction - Grass Valley
Karen Cose
Phone: 530-272-2465
Email: Email Bellicose Firearms Instruction
Best Handgun Training - Lincoln
John A. Taylor
Phone: 916-295-8489
Email: Email Best Handgun Training
Link: Best Handgun Training Website
Butters Firearms Instruction - Folsom
Kevin Butters
Phone: (916) 237-6356
Email: [email protected]
CA Security & Investigation Academy - Sacramento
Ken Gosling
Phone: 916-399-2010
Email: Email CA Security and Investigation Academy
Link: CA Security and Investigation Academy Website
Cali Gun Lady - Sloughhouse
Erica Mitchell
Phone: 209-637-7085
E-Mail: [email protected]
CCW Shooters - Yuba City
Mike Cordisco
Phone: 916-207-7350
Email: Email CCW Shooters
Link: CCW Shooters Website
CCW Training Company - Sacramento
Preston Rusch and Leo O’Halloran
Phone: 916-241-3266
Email: [email protected]
Citadel Defense Group - Foresthill
Matt Butler
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 951-295-0159
CJ’s World LLC - Stockton,CA
Charles Boyd
Phone: 209-905-8615 
E-mail: [email protected]
Concealed Coalition - Yuba City
Terry Scharfe
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 985-634-6759
Confidence Safety Academy - Rocklin
Chad and Melinda Hertzell
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 916-941-5272
Crossed Star Firearms - Loma Rica
Morgan Bischoff
Phone: 530-790-5187
E-mail: [email protected]
CS Tactical - Elk Grove
S. Michael Cecil
Phone: 916-670-1103
Email: Email CS Tactical
Link: CS Tactical Website
DA Fast
Delores (Dee) Adams
Phone: (916) 838-4926
Email: Email DA Fast
Deadeye Dames - Citrus Heights
Donnette Larson
Phone: 916-844-2486
E-mail: [email protected]
Defense Accuracy - San Leandro
Denise King
Phone: 408-687-3791
Email: Email Defensive Accuracy
Link: Defensive Accuracy Website
Defense Shot - Eldorado Hills
John Daniels
Phone: 530-206-6377
Email: Email Defense Shot
Link: Defense Shot Website
Defensive and Firearms Safety Training - Roseville
Ketan V. Ranchhod
Phone: 916-303-3746
Link: Email Defensive and Firearms Safety Training
Defensive Triad - Rocklin
Chris Gulbrandson
Phone: 916-765-5661
Email: [email protected]
Web Site:
Delta Romeo Firearms Training LLC - Fair Oaks
Darren Riddiough
Phone: 916-462-7158
Email: [email protected]
Discreet Firearms & Training, LLC
Wendell Bobst
Phone: 916-677-9240
Email: Email Discreet Firearms
Link: Website
Essential Self Defense - Robbins
Joseph Theis and Chris Taylor
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 916-997-1293
Ethos Firearms & Defensive Training - Clovis, CA
Sam Carter
Phone: 559-825-1791
E-mail: [email protected]
Feather River Firearms Training - Yuba City
Tom Oakes
Phone: 530-300-5427
Email: Email Feather River Firearms Training
Firearms Training Institute - Browns Valley
David Mathews
Phone: 408-506-1884
Email: Email Firearms Training Institute
Link: Firearms Training Institute Website
Firearms Training International - Auburn
David W. Hoing
Phone: 916-458-0378
Email: Email Firearms Training International
Five Star Firearms and Training
Gary Thomas
Phone: 530-559-2469
Email: [email protected]
Focus on Defense - Auburn
Leslie Nye
Phone: 916-798-9100
Email: Email Focus on Defense
Foothill Firearm Academy - City: Roseville
Charles Harnal
Phone: 916-622-3595
E-mail: [email protected]
Force Options
Troy Moore
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 916-300-5252
FoxHole Tactical - Lincoln
Josh McClanahan
Phone: 530-906-9141
Email: Email FoxHole Tactical
Grant Macomber - Applegate
Phone: 530-878-1733
Email: Email Grant Macomber
Green Enterprises - Yuba City
John Green
Phone number: 530-632-4101
E-mail: [email protected]
Gun Owners of California Make Ready Firearms Training - Folsom
Samuel A. Paredes
Phone: 916-717-0908
Email: Email Gun Owners of California Make Ready Firearms Training
Link: Gun Owners of California Make Ready Firearms Training Website
Hangtown Range
Pablo Marquez
Phone: 925-260-6955
E-mail: [email protected]
Integrated Tactics
Phone: 916-871-3194
Email: Email Integrated Tactics
Itus Defense
David Jackson
Phone: 916-837-5225
Email: Email Itus Defense
John Glenn - El Dorado
Phone: 530-626-7111
Email: Email John Glenn
Kennedy Consulting - Lincoln - Rancho Cordova
Jon Kennedy
9701 Fair Oaks Boulevard
Suite 100
Fair Oaks, CA 95628
Phone: 916-847-3169
Email: Email Jon Kennedy
Kinetic Training Systems, LLC - Rocklin
David Kang
Phone : (916) 230-7086
Email: [email protected]
Kevin Dickson - Foresthill
Phone: 916-871-0106
Email: Email Kevin Dickson
KNC Firearms Training / Alpha Safe CCW
K. Greg Nelson
Phone: 916-547-4472
Website: KNCFT.COM
Email: [email protected]
Lagomarsino’s Firearms Institute - Sacramento
Wesley Lagomarsino
Phone: 209-401-0907
Email: Email Lagomarsino’s Firearms Institute
Link: Lagomarsino’s Firearms Institute Website
Liberty Firearms Training
Jean Pagnone
Phone: 916-730-4534
Email: [email protected]
Locknload Concealed Carry Training - El Dorado
David E. Lungren
1061 Suncast Lane
El DOrado Hills, CA 95762
Phone: 916-705-2258
Alternate Phone: 916-566-2800
Email: Email Locknload Concealed Carry Training
Link: Locknload Concealed Carry Training Website
Loyal Arms - Folsom
Emilio Ducusin
Phone: 408-687-9773
Email: [email protected]
Miladi Defense - Yuba City
Alex Miladi
Phone: 530-713-5139
E-mail: Email Miladi Defense
Link: Miladi Defense
Monty’s Combat Arms - Gridley
John Montillano
Phone: 530-531-5150
New Man’s Karate CCW Course
Scott Newman
Phone: 530-622-2330
E-mail: [email protected]
Next Threat Solutions - El Dorado Hills
Chris Reidel & Jason Russo
Email: [email protected]
Phone number: 916-306-7959
NorCal Tactical
Jose Chavez
Phone: 530-713-7470
Email: Email NorCal Tactical
Northern Firearms Instruction - Redding, Rocklin
Theodore Lidie 
Phone: 530-999-1822
Email: Email Northern Firearms Instruction
Link: Northern Firearms Instruction Website
NSP Firearms Instruction - Lincoln
Nick Perjanik
Phone: 916-500-4478
Email: Email NSP Firearms
Website: NSP Firearms Website
One on One Fierarm Instruction - Rocklin
Joseph Truesdale
Phone: 916-494-9663
Email: Email One on One Fierarm Instruction
Link: One on One Fierarm Instruction Website
Paladin Tactical - Concord
Dan Butler
Phone: 707-863-1064
Email: [email protected]
Peabody’s Gun Range - Placerville
Geof Peabody
Phone: 916-644-0991
Email: Email Peabody’s Gun Range
Precision Edge Firearm Training
Paul Parsons
Phone: 916-757-5516
Email: Email Precision Edge Firearms
Link: Precision Edge Firearms Website
Protection Plus Tactics, LLC - Loomis
Don Ratkowski, Alex Ratkowski 
Phone: (916) 577-2522
Email: Email Protection Plus Tactics, LLC
R3 Valor
Link: R3 Valor Website
Ramsey Personal Protection Consulting - Roseville
Michael Ramsey
Phone: 916-844-6374
E-mail: [email protected]
Randall Fritz
Phone: 888-937-7683
Email: [email protected]
Raven Tree International - Rocklin
Lee McGriff
Phone: 916-415-0282
Alternate Phone: 916-824-6105
Email: Raven Tree International
Link: Raven Tree International Website
RMC Firearms Instruction, LLC - Lincoln
Robert Cristoni CEO / Sr Instructor
Phone: 916-747-3817
Email: Email RMC Firearms Instruction
Link: RMC Firearms Instruction, LLC
Sacramento Gun Range - Sacramento
Phone: (916) 246-2010
Email: Sacramento Gun Range
Link: Sacramento Gun Range Website
Sacramento Opsec, LLC
Trevor Luehrs
Phone: 916-258-2265
Email: Capital Defense
Website: Capital Defense Group
Sacramento Security Training Center - Sacramento
Ian Willis
Phone: 916-229-6002
Email: Email Sacramento Security Training Center
Safety First Firearms Training - Roseville
Mike Bullington
Phone: 916-532-0020
Email: [email protected]
Seale Enterprises - Yuba City
Chris Seale
Phone: 530-632-4101
Email: Email Seale Enterprises
Link: Seale Enterprises Website
Security & Firearms Training Academy (SAFTA, Inc.) - Sacramento
Phone: 916-500-1442
Email: Email Security & Firearms Training Academy
Link: Security & Firearms Training Academy Website
Security Academy at McClellan
Phone: 916-333-5308
Email: Email Security Academy at McClellan
Sierra CCW - Truckee
Robert Grossman
Email: Email Sierra CCW
Link: Sierra CCW Website
Solution 68 - Elk Grove
Mike Rayfield
Phone: 916-753-1865
Email: Email Solution 68
Link: Solution 68 Website
Steven Tsuyuki
Steven Tsuyuki
Phone: 650-773-1954
Email: email Steven Tsuyuki
Straight Shot Consulting - Placerville
Ken Greenwood
Phone: 530-306-6390
Email: Email Straight Shot Consulting
The Gun Range
Sam Yohannes
Phone: 916-972-1484
Email: Email the Gun Range
The Range - Grass Valley
Phone: 530-273-4440
Email: Email The Range
Link: The Range Website
Valley Defensive Solutions - Roseville
Marvin Domingo 
Phone: 209-518-5054
E-mail: [email protected]
Vandagriff Consulting
Foresthill, CA
Phone: 530-320-8858
Warrior Concealment Firearms Training - Cameron Park
Roy Dickinson
Phone: 916-934-3423
Email: Email Warrior Concealment Firearms Training
Link: Warrior Concealment Firearms Training Website
Weber Firearms Safety - Nevada City
Gary Weber
Phone: 530-274-7664
Email: Email Weber Firearms Safety