FAQ: Property Tax Information Related to COVID-19

  1. Can the Tax Collector or the County extend the property tax deadline?
    Answer: No. The Tax Collector and the County do not have the authority under California law to extend or postpone property tax deadline.
  2. What are my payment options?
    We are accepting in-person payments at our office from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.and taxpayers can pay online, via telephone or by mail. Please be aware, for online credit card transactions, our card payment processor charges a service fee of 2.25% of the credit card payment amount (minimum $1) and $3.49 for debit card payments. The Echeck or EFT (electronic funds transfer) service fee is 75 cents. Please visit www.placer.ca.gov/tax or call 530-889-4120 to access payment methods.
  3. Can I request a penalty cancellation if I am unable to make a timely payment due to COVID-19?
    Yes. Penalty waivers can be granted for legitimate and reasonable causes and circumstances beyond the taxpayer’s control, including those related to impacts resulting from COVID-19. However, penalty cancellation is not something that taxpayers can request in advance. Beginning the day after property taxes become delinquent, taxpayers unable to pay on time for reasons related to COVID-19 may download a penalty cancellation waiver form from our website.

    We encourage all property owners who can pay their taxes on time to do so. This revenue helps local government to continue providing vital services such as public health and emergency response that the public relies on, especially in times like these.
  4. Will property tax amounts be reduced due to economic impact of COVID-19?
    No. There are no legal provisions which authorize the Tax Collector or the County to make reductions to the current bill.
  5. I mailed in my property tax payment; however your system is not showing my taxes as paid. What should I do?
    Processing times for mailed payments may be delayed due to lower staffing levels related to the current public health concerns. We will process all mailed payments as soon as possible.
  6. If using the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) or courier services (FedEx, UPS, etc.) to deliver my property tax payment, and County Buildings are closed, how will my payment be received?
    As of this date, we are continuing to receive mail from the USPS and courier services as mail and parcel services are currently considered essential services.

As a reminder, you can use our website to look up taxes due, print a duplicate bill, and look up payment history.