Artifact Highlights

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Folding Parasol
Hat Pin
Henderson’s School Shoes
The Jean Estrella Nicholls Dress, Circa 1899
Peacock Feather Fan
Acoustic Cane
Chinese Foot Binding Shoes
Wool Bathing Suit
1920s Flapper Dress
Pink Pendant
Knights Templar Hat
Walnut Compact
Match Safe


Beetle-Wing Doily
Cigar Ribbon Quilt
1910 Wedding Cake Topper
Wax Squeaker Doll in Egg Candy Container
c.1895 Musical Photo Album
American River Painting
Tramp Art Trinket Box
Merci Train Tapestry
Rattlesnake Match Holder
Frozen Charlotte Doll
“Progress of Aviation” Souvenir Spoon


Mustache Cup
19th-Century Chinese Ginger Jar
Pickle Castor
Earthquake Sugar Bowl
Wash Set
Tinsel Ornament
Carriage Heater
Butter Mold
Starrett Food Chopper
Roosevelt Bears Pitcher
Bone Dish Set
Victorian Oil Lamp
Surprise Suction Sweeper


Ballot Box
Chinese Water Pipe
The Placer County Gold Collection
The DeWitt Dollar
Horse Bells
1850s Guan Yin Statue
Hand Grenade Fire Extinguisher
Magic Lantern
The Bernhard Ring
Champion Safe
Santa PEZ
Nicholls Suitcase
Powder Flask
1932 Olympics Rowing Uniform Shirt