Placer County History

Placer County was established in 1851 from portions of Sutter and Yuba Counties. Upon formation, Auburn, which had been the seat of government of Sutter County, continued this role for the newly formed County of Placer. The western and eastern boundaries of Placer County extend from the Sacramento Valley at Roseville, all the way to Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada of which 40% of this exceptional lake sits within this county.  

The region is notable for many things including the diverse geography, scenic beauty, natural resources, recreation opportunities, and historic significance. There are more than 30 individual sites, trails, and historic districts within the county which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and serve as wonderful opportunities to explore.

The Placer County Museums Division exists to preserve and promote the legacy of this historic region. We serve as the County Archive where official, public, and personal records documenting the history of the area from 1851 to present are preserved and accessible to researchers. Through our seven museums, we offer free admission, and interpret a wide variety of historic subjects and communities within the county. We are also continually creating online resources for those who wish to learn more about the many different facets of our history.

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