Pre-Reviewed Accessory Home Plans

A new round of pre-reviewed ADU master plans are available now! 

Each ADU has been designed to be adaptable to various locations, styles, and budgets, providing homeowners with a customizable living space that suits their unique needs and preferences. All plans can be utilized as either a slab or raised floor, providing versatility to accommodate different foundation options. The designs were created to enable owners to modify the façade and elements, so they can reflect the surrounding environment, aesthetic preferences, and existing structures.

Additionally, the designs are created to be as cost-effective as possible, utilizing space efficiently without sacrificing comfort and functionality. The open-concept living areas provide a welcoming atmosphere, while the separate bedroom zones offer privacy. The inclusion of features such as covered outdoor spaces and optional garages further enhance the flexibility of the designs.

These Accessory Home master plans have been pre-reviewed by our Building Team and are provided by Placer County at a low cost to homeowners – saving thousands in expenses.

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One Bedroom - 661 Square Feet

NC ADU _1 - 1

Two Bedroom - 746 Square Feet

NC ADU _2 - 2

Three Bedroom - 1,194 Square Feet

NC ADU _3 - 1 Garage