Mandatory Commercial Organics Bins (AB 827)

AB 827 requires certain businesses to provide customers with food waste (organic waste) collection bins adjacent to all trash receptacles, to collect products purchased and consumed by customers on the premises.

The law is effective on July 1, 2020.

Some businesses are exempt. See the FAQs below for more information.

Placer County offers technical assistance to help businesses comply.

Which businesses are subject to this law?

Businesses subject to Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling (MORe) that generate 4 or more cubic yards of solid waste per week and have food that is consumed on-site, are subject to requirements in AB 827.

What are the requirements for this law?

  • Organic waste bins or containers must be visible and easily accessible to customers.
  • Bins must be clearly marked with labeling indicating which materials are appropriate for each container. CalRecycle is required to develop model signage by July 1, 2020, that businesses can utilize in implementing their program.
  • Bins must be placed adjacent to each trash can (restroom waste bins are excluded). There is no minimum number of bins required.

Are there any exemptions?

A full-service restaurant is exempt if employees collect material from customers and deposit food waste in organic waste recycling bins. Bins for employees must be labeled, visible, readily accessible and adjacent to the trash receptacles.

A “full-service” restaurant is defined as one where an employee takes all the following actions:

  • Escorts or assigns the customer to an assigned eating area.
  • Takes the food and beverage orders after the customer has been seated.
  • Directly delivers the food and beverage orders to the customer.
  • Collects the trash, recyclables, and organic waste materials from the customer.
  • Delivers the check directly to the customer at the assigned seating area.

What if a business sells food but does not offer immediate consumption? 

If all material is taken and consumed off-site and there is no trash container for customers to use, then containers for organic waste are not required.

Who is responsible for providing bins? 

The business is responsible for providing bins or containers. Currently, no funding is available from CalRecycle for implementing this law.

Do we need a 3rd container for recyclables?

No. The law includes requirements for recyclable materials (plastic, aluminum, etc.) but since Placer County has a mixed waste recycling program where recyclable materials and trash go into the same container and are later sorted at a materials recovery facility, a separate container for recyclables is not required. 

For more information on how recycling happens in Placer County, visit and

Frequently asked questions and more information is available on CalRecycle website and the link directly to the law can be found on the AB 827 website.


Eastern County - Signs for garbage/recycling and food waste.
Western County - Signs for garbage/recycling and food waste.