Placer County approves alcohol ban for its North Auburn government center campus

Published on July 29, 2020 

At its July 28 meeting, the Placer County Board of Supervisors approved adding a restriction to county code that will ban alcohol at the Placer County Government Center in North Auburn.  

Placer County already prohibits the consumption of alcohol or possession of open alcohol containers at county beaches in North Lake Tahoe in accordance with state law, which authorizes alcohol bans at county-owned public places. The alcohol ban on the county’s North Auburn property was initiated in response to increased calls for law enforcement assistance for issues involving people congregating at the Government Center.

“Our Government Center campus should be a safe and healthy environment for residents who are here to conduct business and receive important services, as well as our employees,” said District 3 Supervisor Jim Holmes. “The plan for this property calls for the creation of even more community uses. The alcohol ban will help to ensure that this area remains family friendly, and that Placer County is a good neighbor to nearby residences and commercial uses.”

Development plans for the campus approved in the Placer County Government Center Master Plan Update of 2019 include mixed-use residential and commercial developments. Potential future hotel or restaurant uses or events, and residences, are exempt from the ban. Future leases of county property on the campus could also be considered for exemptions.  

The new ban, which goes into effect Aug. 26, will allow the Placer County Sheriff’s Office to enforce the ordinance throughout the Government Center property. The mid-Placer emergency homeless shelter on the campus already prohibits residents who have been drinking from entering the facility.