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Resident Preparedness

Residents should be prepared for wildfire and prepare their family and individual plans. 

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Red Flag Program

Ensuring the county prepares for high fire danger through the Red Flag Warning Awareness Program.

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Preparation is key for evacuations. Be sure to follow the Placer County Sheriff's social media for real-time information. 

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County Preparedness

How the county prepares for wildfire through partnerships, programs and promoting personal responsibility.

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Fire Safe Alliance

How residents can get involved with their local, state and federal fire stakeholders.

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Fire Partnerships 

County partnerships are key to being wildfire prepared. Learn more about all the partners involved in fire preparedness. 

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Emergency Sheltering During COVID-19

Wildfires, public safety power shutoffs or other emergencies could happen any time. Evacuations and sheltering will look different under COVID-19, making advance preparation and flexibility even more important.

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Hazardous Vegetation Abatement Ordinance 

The ordinance was established to assist property owners in maintaining 100 feet of space around their home to help prevent fires.

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While local governments don’t have any jurisdiction or control over insurance rates, we can continue working with our residents facing these issues to better advocate for solutions at the state and federal levels.

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