Placer County agricultural commissioner seeking feedback on potential bee ordinance update

Published Nov. 5, 2020

The Placer County agricultural commissioner is hosting a public workshop to receive community feedback on a potential bee ordinance update for the county. 

“Bees are vital to our local ecosystem,” said Joshua Huntsinger, Placer County agricultural commissioner. “It is critical that our local ordinance reflects best practices for bees, beekeepers and the surrounding communities.” 

Currently, the ordinance is broad and does not specify requirements for beekeeping activities. This has resulted in an overconcentration of beehives in certain areas and an increase in nuisance complaints. 

There are currently 78 registered beekeepers in Placer County. When surveyed, local beekeepers said that land availability was one of the top issues they face. 

To address these issues, the proposed ordinance update includes distance requirements for beehives from property lines, the allowance of beekeeping on property zoned for residential, regulations on spacing between beehives and more. 

Residents can participate in the virtual workshop at their convenience and provide feedback through the workshop webpage. The workshop can be accessed here and is open until Nov. 30.