Picture1placer protectThe mission of the Placer County's District Attorney's office is to preserve public safety, enhance the quality of life in the county, prosecute criminals, assist victims and survivors and protect the health and well-being of all citizens.

To carry out this mission the Placer County District Attorney's Office has established a team with trained staff dedicated to supporting elder victims and prosecuting criminals who take advantage of our elderly citizens.  

To ensure the safety and protection of the county’s senior citizens, the Placer County District Attorney’s office established Placer County PROTECT, a multi-disciplinary task force team dedicated to elder abuse investigations, victim support and community awareness. PROTECT stands for providing resources and outreach to elderly citizens together. This team is composed of the District Attorney’s Office, victim services, adult protective services, local law enforcement agencies, nonprofit organizations and community representatives. 



In an effort to raise awareness and provide support Placer County PROTECT offers many different services.

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Placer County PROTECT is a local collaboration between key community partners including law enforcement, non-profits and more. 

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Reporting Elder Abuse

 If you are concerned that someone is being abused, please report it.

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Elder Abuse Signs

The best way to stop elder abuse, is to know the signs of abuse and report the abuse immediately.

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Placer County Protect presents

Placer PROTECT Presents

An online series intended to educate residents about issues affecting the senior citizens in the county.

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fraud alert

Fraud Alerts

Fraud happens every day. Make sure you educate yourself on the different scams our team is tracking. 

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Contact Placer PROTECT at 916-645-7226 

or [email protected]