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PCA-373 (PDF)Manufactured Home AffidavitThis is an affidavit affirming ownership of a manufactured home as of January 1st lien date.
horizontal eSign Icon Opens in new windowPCA-416e (eForm)Change of Mailing AddressTo change where Assessor notices and assessment correspondences are sent.
horizontal eSign Icon Opens in new windowPCA-429 (eForm)Agency AuthorizationThis form grants authorization to appoint another individual, other than the assessee, as an agent for assessment matters.
horizontal eSign Icon Opens in new windowPCA-499 (eForm)Limited Agency Authorization - For Access to Building RecordsThis form grants authorization for the Assessor to release Placer County Assessor Building Records to the agent appointed by the owner.

PCA-503 (PDF)Data RequestThis form is to submit a request for electronic data.