Tahoe City Downtown Access Improvements

The proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration and Initial Study & Checklist are available for public review.  Project information has been posted at the California State Clearinghouse website here: https://ceqanet.opr.ca.gov/2021020211/2

Project Overview 

Placer County proposes to construct parking and traffic flow improvements, as outlined in the Tahoe City Mobility Plan (TCMP) (Placer County and Tahoe City Public Utility District [TCPUD] 2016), which include the expansion of the existing public parking facility at Grove Street, improved pedestrian and bicycle access to Tahoe City commercial businesses, driveway and private parking reconfigurations, and construction of a section of Class 1 multi-use trail that is identified in the Active Transportation Plan (ATP) for the Lake Tahoe Region (TRPA 2018). 

Project features include expansion of the existing public parking facility from 61 parking stalls to 94 parking stalls and two (2) Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant parking stalls (96 parking stalls in total), an optional public restroom facility, up to three (3) electric vehicle charging stations, public safety lighting, two loading/delivery areas, stormwater improvements, landscaping, three (3) improved ingresses, and an approximately 1,255 linear foot section of Class 1 multi-use trail. New permanent land coverage will result from expansion of the existing public parking facility and new section of Class 1 multi-use trail commencing at Grove Street, traversing along the Tahoe City Golf Course parcel boundary with commercial businesses and ending at the Tahoe City Lodge site. New land coverage that is classified as non-exempt by TRPA will be transferred in from land coverage removed, restored and banked by Placer County’s Snow Creek Restoration project. The Project design and proposal include compliance measures for clear conformance with federal, state, regional and local regulations and ordinances.

The proposed improvements are expected to maintain and improve intersection level of service (LOS) and provide for a minor reduction in vehicle miles traveled (VMT) through redistribution of existing daily vehicle trips and reduced reliance on the private automobile to access the Tahoe City commercial corridor and nearby recreational uses.

Purpose and Need

As detailed in the TCMP, Tahoe City’s commercial core area is a vibrant hub of activity, spurred on in recent years by improvements in parks and streetscape, private reinvestment, and growth in special events. These improvements have led to an increase in pedestrian and bicycle activity, parking needs, and vehicle traffic activity. The downtown area includes a number of commercial and recreational uses, which generate a large volume of pedestrian and bicycle activity, especially during peak summer periods. SR 28 separates the majority of parking in Tahoe City from Lake Tahoe, creating mobility and safety issues for both motorists and pedestrians. Through the development of the TBAP, Placer County considered the need to revisit parking requirements and strategies within Eastern Placer County and more specifically in Tahoe City and other communities around Lake Tahoe. This planning effort helped inform implementation of the integrated parking strategies described in the TCMP, including expanding the Grove Street public parking facility, connecting downtown core businesses with a pedestrian and bicycle trail along the Tahoe City Golf Course southern boundary, eliminating certain driveways to provide for more commercial and public gathering opportunities along SR 28, and evaluating funding and maintenance mechanisms of the parking and public amenity areas. The Project need is identified in the Pedestrian and Bicycle Road Safety Audit (PBRSA) prepared by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA 2015) that identified key issues affecting pedestrian and bicycle mobility specific to Grove Street and SR 28 and recommended short-term and long-term improvements. The purpose of the Project is to implement the PBRSA recommendations to improve sidewalk connections and driveway ingress and egress. Additionally, the Project purpose is to promote the policies of and fulfill the goals and objectives of a number of regional and local plans and programs, including but not limited to, the following:

  • TRPA Regional Transportation Plan (TRPA RTP)
  • Tahoe Basin Area Plan (TBAP)
  • TRPA EIP Project No.
  • Tahoe City Mobility Plan (TCMP)
  • Tahoe Basin Area Plan (TBAP)
  • Tahoe-Truckee Plug-in electric Vehicle Readiness Plan (TRPA and TDPUD 2017)
  • Resort Triangle Transportation Plan (RTTP) (Placer County 2020)
  • Placer County General Plan (General Plan)
  • Placer County Capital Improvement Program (Project No. PC3015).
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Project Location

Vicinity Map of General Area of the Project
Location Map of Specific Area  of the Project