Update regarding Deputy Sheriffs’ Association impasse

Published on March 11, 2021

Placer County has been engaged in good faith negotiations with the Placer County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association since May of 2019. The parties are currently using impasse procedures to resolve their dispute regarding Measure F and the county’s charter authority to negotiate salaries. 

The county has offered guaranteed salary increases of 4% in the first year, 4.25% in the second year and 4.5% in the third year of an agreement. The county has also proposed to provide other wage increases that would benefit the DSA members. In an unusual turn of events, the union does not support the parties’ rights to negotiate salaries through collective bargaining.

Consistently, the county’s goals in talks with the DSA have been to avoid uncontrolled cost escalation, achieve alignment with the labor market and promote long-term fiscal sustainability. The Board of Supervisors’ offers to the DSA further these objectives while preserving the county’s ability to recruit and retain top tier law enforcement talent. The county does not anticipate an increase in retirements resulting from its generous compensation proposals.

The county participated in mediated negotiations this week in a good faith effort to reach consensus on contract terms. Unfortunately, the parties were unable to come to an agreement. 

Although these recent efforts did not result in agreement, the board will continue to bargain in good faith, but is committed to maintaining sustainable fiscal responsibility that provides exceptional services countywide. The board will continue its long standing support of public protection and the whole criminal justice system, including excellent salary and benefits for our deputy sheriffs.