COVID Information for IHSS Providers & Recipients

Current information for IHSS Providers and Recipients.  How to obtain PPE (personal protective equipment); COVID sick leave information and forms for providers; medical accompaniment claims for Recipient COVID vaccine appointments.

New Public Health Order Impacting IHSS Providers & Recipients

The new public heath order issued by the California Department of Public Health requires certain IHSS Providers to be fully vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine by November 30, 2021. Please review the Recipient Notice and/or the Provider Notice, as well as, the Vaccine Exemption Form below for additional information. 

Provider Notice

Recipient Notice

Vaccine Exemption Form

Please review the notices below for IHSS Providers and IHSS Recipients regarding COVID-19 booster requirements.

Provider Notice 1-6-22

Recipient Notice 1-6-22

Please note Placer County IHSS and Public Authority do not require proof of vaccination or exemption. Providers are required to maintain their own records of vaccination, or COVID-19 test results if applicable, an must provide them if asked by their Recipient. Additionally, if a Provider tests positive for COVID-19 they should not be providing IHSS services for any Recipient as specified by the Dept. of Public Health until they have been cleared to do so. Providers should contact their IHSS Recipient(s) and let them know they are unavailable. Recipients can contact Public Authority for assistance in finding another Provider to fill in. 

Providers who need to obtain a COVID-19 test may search for a testing site here by entering their address.

Providers or Recipients who would like to be vaccinated may search here for options.

  1. COVID-19 Sick Leave
  2. Medical Accompaniment for Vaccine Appointments

COVID-19 ONLY - IHSS/WPCS Provider Sick Leave

COVID-19 sick leave benefits are available for IHSS & WPCS providers.

If you had any loss of IHSS work/income due to COVID-19 between 04/012020 - 09/30/2021 and 01/01/2022 - 09/30/2022 and have not yet received COVID-19 sick leave, you may still be eligible to submit a claim.

Please contact Placer County Payroll at 530-889-7135 or [email protected] if you would like to submit a claim.

If you do not work for Placer County - Contact your IHSS county for submission instructions.

Where do I submit the claim form?

  • Placer County IHSS Recipients should mail the completed form: Placer County IHSS,  11512 B. Ave., Auburn, CA 95603
  • We will also accept the completed form via email or fax to:  Email: [email protected]   Fax:  530-886-3690 

  • Remember, the form must be signed by both Provider and Recipient, digital/electronic signatures will NOT be accepted

Where can I get another copy of the Medical Accompaniment COVID vaccine claim form?

Is my provider allowed to claim this time?

 All of the following must be true to submit a claim:

  • Recipient’s authorized hours are less than the statutory maximum of 283 hours per month
  • The provider is active on the recipient’s case at the time of the vaccine appointment(s); if your provider is currently enrolling, please wait to submit the claim until after your provider is connected to your case
  • The vaccine appointment(s) are separate from your typical medical appointments currently captured in your IHSS case authorization (if you are unsure what medical appointments are currently authorized in your case, contact your assigned case worker)
  • The vaccine appointment(s) are in the past, please do not submit your claim until after the appointment(s) has taken place

What if I already received my vaccine(s)?

  • If you are 65+ and received the vaccine(s) already you may submit a claim going back to January 1, 2021 if your provider assisted you with your appointment(s) and you meet all the criteria listed above
  • Recipients age 16-64 became eligible to receive the vaccine on March 15, 2021

How many hours can be claimed for these appointments?

  • Up to 2 hours for each appointment, with a maximum of 4 hours for each Recipient

Do I submit one claim form or two?

  • If the same provider is accompanying you to both of your vaccine appointments, it is preferred that you wait to submit one claim after your second appointment
  • If different providers are accompanying you to your two vaccine appointments, you will need to submit two claims (one for each appointment/provider)

What if a provider works for more than one recipient, are they allowed to submit more than one claim?

  • Yes, a separate claim must be submitted for each recipient the provider is assisting

How will the provider be paid?

  • Once your claim form is submitted and processed by IHSS Payroll the provider will be paid directly from CDSS for this additional time, these hours will not be claimed on your typical timesheet

Do these hours count toward the provider’s weekly maximum? 

  • The weekly maximum for providers is 66 hours per week if provider is working for multiple recipients, 70 hours 45 minutes per week if provider is working for only one recipient.
  • These hours will be billed and paid separately from normal timesheets, therefore they DO NOT count towards your weekly maximum

Is there a deadline or end date for submitting this claim?

  • Currently, no there is not a deadline or end date.