A return to Grace: One woman’s story of child abuse, substance abuse, domestic violence — and the path to recovery

Published on May 03, 2017

“I am such a monster.”

When Grace — a pseudonym — was at her lowest point, her 3-week-old son was taken away because she was breastfeeding him while using heroin and meth, in a household riddled with substance abuse and domestic violence.

But that wasn’t where her story ended.

What followed was a journey to redemption surrounded by a network of support including her social worker and other mentors with the Placer County Children’s System of Care.

Listen to her story below.

If you suspect child abuse or neglect, call 916-872-6549 or toll free at 866-293-1940 to make a report.

Visit our
Children's System of Care website to find other resources to support children in our community.

KidsFirst is a local nonprofit organization that works to end child abuse and neglect in Placer County, offering additional tools and services.

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