National Crime Victims' Rights Week


Since 1981, National Crime Victims’ Rights Week is celebrated every year in April. The week is dedicated to learning about victimization and the effect victimization has on individuals, families, friends and the community. It also serves to promote laws, policies and programs that help victims of crime. Every year, thousands of communities across the nation observe the week by reaffirming their commitment to victims having the rights, resources and services they need to recover from crime.

Placer County District Attorney Activities

The Placer County District Attorney’s Office, in addition to launching a new victims’ resources webpage, will be participating in events in the county to honor our victims' and posting resource information throughout the week on their social media. 

MONDAY, April 25     

•    Placer County District Attorney’s Office will be putting out pinwheels, ribbons and signs to at the Santucci Justice Center 

TUESDAY, April 26         

•    Attending the Crime Victim United event at the State Capitol

WEDNESDAY, April 27 

•    Placer County is encouraging the community to wear denim in honor of victims 

•    The Placer Collaborative Network resource fair will be held at the Gold Country Fairgrounds

THURSDAY, April 28     

•    The community can participate in a virtual 5k with printable bibs

•    Participants are encouraged to share photos of their run

FRIDAY, April 29           

•    Placer County is encouraging the community to wear blue in honor of victims 

•    Moment of silence event at the Santucci Justice Center – join victims and community members for a moment of silence for all victims of violence

Placvictims services webpageer County District Attorney’s Office victim services webpage

In honor of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week 2021, the Placer County District Attorney’s Office launched a victim services webpage to support victims of crime in Placer County.  The webpage hosts a multitude of resources such as information on the criminal justice process, an introduction to the District Attorney’s Office units and advocates, educational materials on victims’ rights and more. 

>>View webpage<<

Learn more about the Office for Victims of Crime + National Victim's Rights Week

The week is supported by the Department of Justice's Office for Victims of Crime. Learn more about their vision for the week and the office here.



We su2022-04-28_14-20-06pport crime victims by participating in a virtual 5K. Participants are able to print a copy of the bib from our website, and walk or run the 5K whenever was convenient. 

Download virtual race bib